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  • "Fangs & Fins" Sneak Peek (Coming in Sum...
    by Maddie on May 24, 2009 at 2:58 AM
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    watch in HIGH QUALITY!!! First off, sorry it's not in the best quality (Maddie had to convert it in order to send it to me). This is a series that Maddie (Elephant45ed) & I are working on in the summer. NOTE: I did NOT make this! Maddie did! I don't want to give too much away just yet, but I can tell you that we're mixing Mermaids & Vampires. Yes, Mermaids & Vampires. And no, this will have nothing to do with "Twilight". I haven't even read the books, so how would I know if it is. So please, don't compare it to "Twilight", it is COMPLETELY different. Basically, I'll just give you the jest of it. Rose Collins (Cariba Heine), has not been her self since she was 10 years old (something tragic happened to her, which you guys will have to read to find out). She rarely ever smiles, blares her iPod so she doesn't have to talk to anybody, and constantly is in a depressed state. Her sister Lily Collins (Claire Holt) is the usual over-protective older sister. She's just worried about Rose. Just when Rose thinks that nothing in her life will ever get better, a strange group of people come walking in the Juicenet Cafe. Rose has no idea who these people are, but seems a bit curious about them. She is about to leave when she comes face to face with one of those strange people. James Wood. (Burgess Abernathy). James is new in town, along with his friends, and doesn't know that many people from around here. That is until he meets Rose. But there is something strange about James that Rose can't put her finger on. He seems to pop out of nowhere all the time, keeps giving her red roses (which she absolutely hates), and he acts weird around blood. Why is this? Rose has no idea, but she'll soon find out.

  • "Fangs & Fins" Opening Credits! (SPOILER...
    by Maddie on May 24, 2009 at 2:56 AM
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    watch in HIGH QUALITY!!! (SPOILERS FOR US!) I am SO excited to show all of you this! :) I worked SO hard on it & I am SO proud of it! Like the font & the roses?? I still am NOT giving that much away about the series (the only person that knows anything about the actual plot really is Maddie (Elephant45ed)). What I can tell you is roses will be VERY important to the series, not just because it happens to be her name (like the bloody rose at the end??). I can also tell you the relationships (like who is related to who) in the series: Now what you probably figured out, *Rose Collins & Lily Collins are sisters. *James Wood & Constance Wood are brother & sister (Constance is adopted) *Ben & James are best friends (figures) I know I didn't include Lewis, Ash, or Jewel in this, but I didn't want this to be super long & honestly they aren't that important to the series (actually Ash is more important then Ben, sooo...). oh & love the end of Rose saying, "You're not going to turn into a vampire are you?" (LOVE that scene!) That scene will actually be in the series...sort of, along with everything else shown in these opening credits. Hope you like it! & expect this soon. (May maybe? Not sure)...I'll let you know on the exact date! REMEMBER: If you have ANY ideas/comments feel free to message/comment me! I'll be happy to reply!!!

  • James & Rose: "Crazier" (PREVIEW)
    by Maddie on May 24, 2009 at 2:55 AM
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    I probably won't have time to upload the Full Version on here's a preview of it! :) I'm sleeping over at my sister's tonight, I have Prom tomorrow & i don't know if i'll have time on Saturday to finish it...sooo But ENJOY! :) Maddie & I are slaving away at this series! Expect it sooner then you think! :)

  • "Fangs & Fins" Trailer (FMM: 5/9/09!) (S...
    by Maddie on May 24, 2009 at 2:54 AM
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    First off: I DID NOT MAKE THIS! Maddie (Elephant45ed) did! oh & sorry about the semi-bad quality, Maddie had to convert this from youtube. Here is the Official "Fins & Fangs" site at Piczo: Not sure what to add here yet.. I'm currently doing a full moon marathon of i'll add info later. Happy Full Moon Madness! :) Enjoy!

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