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"Fangs & Fins" Opening Credits! (SPOILERS FOR US!) (Coming Soon!) Add Video

watch in HIGH QUALITY!!! (SPOILERS FOR US!) I am SO excited to show all of you this! :) I worked SO hard on it & I am SO proud of it! Like the font & the roses?? I still am NOT giving that much away about the series (the only person that knows anything about the actual plot really is Maddie (Elephant45ed)). What I can tell you is roses will be VERY important to the series, not just because it happens to be her name (like the bloody rose at the end??). I can also tell you the relationships (like who is related to who) in the series: Now what you probably figured out, *Rose Collins & Lily Collins are sisters. *James Wood & Constance Wood are brother & sister (Constance is adopted) *Ben & James are best friends (figures) I know I didn't include Lewis, Ash, or Jewel in this, but I didn't want this to be super long & honestly they aren't that important to the series (actually Ash is more important then Ben, sooo...). oh & love the end of Rose saying, "You're not going to turn into a vampire are you?" (LOVE that scene!) That scene will actually be in the series...sort of, along with everything else shown in these opening credits. Hope you like it! & expect this soon. (May maybe? Not sure)...I'll let you know on the exact date! REMEMBER: If you have ANY ideas/comments feel free to message/comment me! I'll be happy to reply!!!

Posted by Maddie on May 24, 2009 at 2:56 AM 1245 Views

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