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Posted by Kelly on June 2, 2009 at 3:23 PM Comments comments (2)

Hey guys! :)

Guess what I am about to post?

Don't know i'll tell you!

I am about to post cookies of 4 different chapters of Fangs & Fins.

If you don't know what cookies are, they are basically sneak peeks of future chapters of Fangs & Fins.

There is only so much written so you guys will probably want to read more (probably, will HAVE TO).


So here they are: (I might make more, just depends on how generous I am) ;)


Cookie #1:

Rose looked at the four people that were sitting across from them.

There was a guy with short brown hair that was flirting it up with several girls. Another person that sat next to him was a girl that looked to be about her age, with brown hair that was tied back into a pony tail, seemed to be keeping her distance from the rest of the pack. Rose didnt even know why she was sitting next to this group of people. Across from her was a weird looking creature. In Roses description of a weird looking creature that was a girl or guy that thought they ruled the world. That everything was about them. The next thing she focused on was her blonde hair that made her look way too promiscuous. She was trying to flirt with the boy next to her, but he obviously wasnt noticing her. Thats when she noticed what he was doing. He was staring right at Rose.


Cookie #2:

"Um, ok." Rose quivered. Rose had never spoken in front of the class before. She usually just kept to herself and turned in her work. With each step she took, Rose's heart beat quickened. She could feel pairs of eyes staring at her every move. Rose looked out into her classmates and it seemed like the class doubled in size.

"Go on," Mrs. Frederick said, motioning her to continue.

Rose looked down at her haiku. The now simple words that she had spent hours on, was now a foreign language to Rose.

Rose started anyway, "-----------," with every word she stuttered more.

Rose could hear chuckles in the background.

Mrs. Frederick noticed this and tried to quiet them down.

With every second that Rose was up there, she got more and more discouraged to just run; leave this classroom.

Rose barely even said a sentence. She was just about to give up and quit when she felt someone grab her haiku from her hands.


Cookie #3:

Rose walked into James' room and realized something. James' room is worse then hers.

James noticed her expression of confusion and exclaimed, "We move around a I normally don't unpack for awhile."

Rose nodded. "Makes sense, I think."

James turned his back to Rose for a quick moment. "Oh, for you." He turned around after what was only mere seconds with a single red rose in his hand.

Rose looked at the rose and smiled. "Thank you." Rose held onto the rose firmly with one hand and opened her red messenger bag with the other. "Oh, and thanks for all the other roses as well." Rose showed James the contents of her messenger bag that was filled to the brim with roses.

James chuckled, "I do what I can."

Rose laughed. But that laugh was short lived because her entire body quickly flinched.


"What, what's wrong?" James asked, confused as to the sudden change of expressions.

Rose perred at her pointer finger and realized blood was slowly oozing out of her small fingers.

That was when James quickly looked away,covered his mouth, and muttered, "I'll get you a bandaid."


Cookie #4:

The party was as it always was. Vampires discussing their favorite killings or gossiping about the latest vegetarian. Nothing James or Constance wanted to be apart of.

"Getting kind of boring, isn't it?" James asked loudly over the orchestra that was performing.

"A little. But it should be more fun near the end." Constance said softly.

"How?" James questioned.

"James, look." Constance pointed behind James.

James glanced in the direction she was pointing to.

James was noticing a girl with light curly blonde hair with bright blue eyes wearing a deep red dress made of what looked like a rose petal design slowly strolling down the long banister of stairs.

But that wasn't just any girl.

That was Rose Collins.




So that's all of them! Hope you like them!

& just to clarify with people, this is a FANFICTION series. It will be a story, not a video series.
There seems to be some confusion about that (probably because Maddie & I are making videos for it).


There is more Fangs & Fins stuff coming from Maddie soon. & of course the first chapter of Fangs & Fins is Sunday!
Are you counting down yet?
(it's also a FULL MOON!)